Professional Activities

Consulting Editor, American Journal of Sociology, 1984-87; 1999-2002
Corresponding Editor, Theory and Society, 1984-
Editorial Board, Sociological Theory, 1988-90; Rationality and Society, 1995-2000
Editorial Board, Cambridge University Press series on Contentious Politics 2001-
Editorial Board, ASA Rose Monograph Series, 2008-
Editor, Foreign Policy Bulletin, 2006-
Review Panel, Dissertation Fellowships in Sociology, National Science Foundation 2001
Review Panel, Grants in Sociology, National Science Foundation, 2002
Selection Committee for Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships, 2000, 2004
Foreign Policy Studies Review Panel, Social Science Research Council 1989-93
Committee on International Security, American Association for the
Advancement of Science, 1994-95
Advisory Committee, American Academy of Arts and Sciences project on
Scarcity, State Capacity, and Violent Conflict. 1994-96
Chair, National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Evaluation of USAID Democracy
Assistance Programs, 2006-2007
Advisory Committee, Woodrow Wilson Center Project on Environment and Security 1998-
Claude Lambe Fellowship Selection Committee, Institute of Humane Studies, 1997-99, 2003-
U.S. Institute of Peace, Senior Fellowship Screening Committee 1997
MacArthur Foundation Social Science Research Council Grants in International Security, Screening Committee 1988-91
National Program Committee, Social Science History Association, 1990
Head, Network on Politics, State, and Society, Social Science History Association, 1993
Nominations Committee, Social Science History Association, 1995
Elected Chair, Section on Comparative and Historical Sociology, American Sociological
Association, 1997
Council, Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements, American Sociological
Association, 2002-2005
Council, Section on Social Theory, American Sociological Association, 2004-2006
Board, Society for Comparative Research, 2005-
Advisory Board, RUMI Foundation, 2011-
Advisory Committee, Council on Foreign Relations Center for Preventive Action, 2011-