Research Grants

U.S. Institute for Peace. Grant for conference and book on “Revolutions of the Late Twentieth Century.” ($37,900) 1988-89.

Center for European and German Studies, U. of California. Grant for Joint-taught Graduate Course on Global Economic History. ($10,000) 1991-92.

Liberty Fund, Grant for Conference on Revolution and The Prospects for Liberty in Eastern Europe ($36,000). 1993.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Grant for work on studies of social systems and social conflict. ($15,000). 1996-1997.

Institute for Humane Studies. Grant for study of the collapse of the U.S.S.R. as a revolution. ($8,000). 1997-1998.

American Sociological Association. Grant for Advancement of the Discipline, to fund a conference on the “Origins of Modernity” at UC-Davis, Oct. 1999. ($3,000)

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, U. of California. Grant for quantitative studies of state breakdown ($15,000). 2001-2002.

National Science Foundation. Dissertation Grant in conjunction with Ph.D. candidate Thomas Burr ($7,500). 2001-2002.

MacArthur Foundation Program on Global Peace and Sustainability. Research and Writing Grant on Sources of Political Conflict ($74,000). 2003-2004.

SAIC, Inc. Political Instability Task Force, Research on Modeling and Forecasting Political Instability, co-PI with Monty G. Marshall ($663,000), 2005-2009

SAIC, Inc. Studies of Authoritarian Breakdown ($136,000), 2011.